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Melissa loves to get naked on camera so much that she even got arrested for taking naughty photos!


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While on the rest of this site we will make sure that you have enough photo galleries featuring this babe to save to your computer and enjoy, in this particular page there are a lot of high resolution movie and video previews including her dealing with some cock as well as stripping off in public that you can either download or stream from our very fast server that will allow you to enjoy clips from some of the weekly updates that she is constantly filming and preparing for by keeping her amazing body in great shape and always changing her hairstyle and make up to look new for you as her fans.

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This site became one of the most popular solo girl webpages in the world thanks to her amazing looks and attitude when filming and that was when she only did softcore material, but a while ago this stunner decided that she wanted to reach the next level of popularity and the best way to do that is to start getting fucked in some of her episodes, so she invited members to be able to come and star in some of her new material and now her popularity has exploded from everyone enjoying watching this girl having sex like she never did before.

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Instead of going out and doing some trick or treating or going to a fireworks display, Melissa Midwest decided to stay in and have some fun on her own by turning on her webcam while allowed all of the members of her site to get a free live show. You get to see what happened as she took off all of her clothes and began hollowing out this pumpkin before spreading all of the sticky insides over her smoking hot body and then touching herself while she was covered in them.

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When a girl like this goes to bed, she usually doesn't really care about what she's wearing, which really is a benefit because in the photos you can see here, she has completely forgotten that she's got a vest top on with some massive holes on it that show off her breasts completely with even her nipples poking out. She was far too interested in masturbating and enjoying herself to notice that she was pretty much nude underneath her lingerie and showing it all to the world.

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She really knows how to treat the people who have a password to her site, as most people don't even work around the Christmas period, but this beautiful babe likes to film special treats for all of the members who might be logging in with new computers or laptops that they have gotten for gifts, so she films a large number of special episodes including this one where she takes a hard cock from Father Christmas and then gets slammed from behind and loves every minute of it, that's how her name is always on the 'good' list for presents.

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If you've ever seen the MTV show dedicated to going around celebrities' houses and checking out how they live, then you will definitely enjoy the first DVD offering from Melissa. She tours the country and goes around the houses that she owns as well as some that belongs to her friend and either gets naked or gets fucked inside them while trying to present all of the features of each building. No wonder these videos became some of her most downloaded ever when she first made them available inside of the site as well as for sale in her video store.

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No porn site featuring a hot teen girl would ever be complete without a full range of toys such as vibrators and whips to pose with, but this slut prefers her own special tools, huge dildos, because she knows exactly how to use them in order to give herself an orgasm within minutes of starting to play with herself, it makes for compelling watching, so get in there and start watching it right now if you find this babe sexy and want to see some more of her posing just for you.


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Hey everyone, my name is Melissa and I come from a small town in Lincoln, Nebraska. You may have heard of my name before because I was once arrested for public nudity, but since I've become one of the internet's most searched for models. When I got busted, it was on all of the most popular news websites in the country. That week I was a top 10 search result at one of the largest search engines and I have now become popular enough to be in there all the time. My favourite things in life include updating my site and members can email me or contact me on AIM at any time. With over 200 videos and many thousands of images inside, what are you waiting for in signing up for my site?